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Bio: ‘DTP LABS’ offers premium Multilingual DTP Services, multimedia engineering and e-learning services to localization companies and translation agencies worldwide.

We offer a diversified portfolio of services, each with its own dedicated team. With all our resources in-house, we provide services in almost all software, including Adobe InDesign, Framemaker, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker, CorelDraw, MS-Office (Word/Powerpoint/Excel), Quicksilver/Interleaf, AutoCAD, Storyline, Lectora, Captivate, Presenter, MadCap Flare, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver etc. We also have expertise in PDF to Word conversions, creating translation-ready files.

We cater exclusively to global localization companies and publishers. Our clients are some of the largest localization and translation agencies worldwide, which at the same time work with companies across the world, from all sectors (medicine, life sciences, automotive, energy, finance, machinery, electronics, electricity, food, furniture etc).

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